A brief
Introduction to
IPS Automation

The demand for comfort and customizability in the management of security, heating, lighting, and access control systems for both a family home and an office complex is increasing. Furthermore, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important.

People want a comfortable, sustainable, and secure environment in which to live and work, which is where automation comes in.

That’s where Integrated Projects Solutions kicks in. We Provide most of the integrated services needed in the market.

IPS Automation Services

Home Automation

Home Automation is the automatic control of technological gadgets in your house.

IP Intercom

IPS provide IP Intercom systems that help convenience to your building, Security and making it more attractive.


Networking is simply sharing information between different devices and synchronize this information together for your comfort.

Connect to
your world.

Make your life easier with IPS Automation. Our team stands for simplicity for your comfort and safety. At Integrated Projects Solution, We’re committed with our projects.

As we value our customers need for personalization and safety.

Installation never
been easier.

IPS Automation team provide installation for many services.

Furthermore our quality team can assure you the completion of the job correctly, Once and forever.