Who is IPS Automation ?

Welcome to IPS Automation, Integrated Projects Solutions,

established in 2005. As a KNX partner and collaborator with HDL Automation, we specialize in cutting-edge home automation for residential, hospitality. 

Our services extend to electrical installations, IT solutions, UPS systems, solar energy, and sound systems. 

Known for our tailored solutions that enhance operational efficiency, our experienced team ensures a smooth and comprehensive service from start to finish, dedicated to transforming your space into the dream home or commercial environment you envision.

Our Vision

We aim to change the way you live and work by leading in advanced automation solutions, making your lifestyle surroundings smarter and more efficient.

Our Mission

At IPS Automation, we are dedicated to transforming your spaces with top-quality, tailored automation systems. Our goal is to make using technology easier, ensuring every setup suits your home or business perfectly.

Our Values


Creating new solutions to stay ahead in technology.


Paying close attention to every detail in our projects


Always providing trustworthy and lasting systems.

Customer Satisfaction

Making sure our customers are happy and supported at every step.

Our Process

Consultation and Survey

The first and crucial step in our process involves an initial consultation to understand your needs, goals, and expectations. We start with a questionnaire to discuss options and services, and then we plan the most effective way to execute your project.


During the design phase, we focus on custom installations such as speaker placement, server rack integration, and proper ventilation, ensuring the system is future-proof. This stage showcases our commitment to precision and innovation.

Project Management

After design approval, our project management team coordinates with the electrical contractor and installation team to lay conduits, run cables, and install pre-wiring hardware as per our detailed wiring diagrams.


Attention to detail is critical during installation, ensuring all wires are correctly connected, labeled, and neatly managed for safety and aesthetics.


After thoroughly checking the installation, we begin the handover process. Each client receives a folder containing all project documentation, which is essential for any future maintenance or feedback.

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